Israel in Egypt – Bass

Bass No.2 page 2: And the children of Israel
Bass No.4 page 13: They loathed to drink
Bass No.6 page 21: He spake the word
Bass No.7 page 30: He gave them hailstones
Bass No.8 page 39: He sent a thick darkness
Bass No.9 page 42: He smote all the first-born
Bass No.10 page 48: But as for his people
Bass No.11 page 56: Egypt was glad
Bass No.12 page 62: He rebuked the Red Sea
Bass No.13 page 63: He led them through the deep
Bass No.14 page 70: But the waters overwhelmed their enemies
Bass No.15 page 74: And Israel saw
Bass No.16 page 75: And believed the Lord
Bass No.17 page 78: Moses and the children of Israel
Bass No.18 page 80: I will sing unto the Lord
Bass No.20 page 97: He is my God
Bass No.21 page 98: And I will exalt Him
Bass No.23 page 112: The depths have cover’d them
Bass No.24 page 115: Thy right hand, O Lord
Bass No.25 page 123: And in the greatness
Bass No.26 page 124: Thou sentest forth Thy wrath
Bass No.27 page 132: And with the blast
Bass No.30 page 146: Who is like unto Thee
Bass No.33 page 156: The people shall hear
Bass No.35&37 page 175: The Lord shall reign
Bass No.39 page 180: Sing ye to the Lord