“I was astounded firstly by the size of the choir and the quality of their music – so clean and crisp and well-defined. And so wonderfully supported by the instrumentalists and the soloists, all under Rowen Fox’s superbly accomplished directorship and conducting.  What an impeccable achievement of planning and organisation by everyone concerned, including those who did the marketing, sold the tickets, set up the hall, the front-of-house people and the brewers and distributors of the gluwein!  I was astounded that our little village could put on such a complex and massive event and carry if off with such pizzaz!  What a community we live in!  Audience, Blackheath

“Had a great weekend with singing Mozart’s Requiem. Still coming down to earth from the peak experience! A lot of hard practices but it was worth it. Phoenix Choir, Lithgow

“I was so impressed with the way Rowen Fox made our singing so much fun as well as his professionalism in working with us in a calm, positive and encouraging manner. He was able to draw out the best in us which made our overall choral experience so enjoyable and memorable.  Guest Singer, Camden

It was extremely professionally staged, conducted by a talented and humble conductor and everyone from fellow choristers to orchestra and soloists were so very nice and welcoming; So just to say a very big thank you from one out of town chorister for my inclusion. Guest Singer, Lane Cove

You created such a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and Rowen was a delight to have as a conductor.  A truly great sing!  Guest Singer, Northern Beaches

What a performance. I would like to congratulate you all but especially you all in the choir. Have I ever heard it better, I seriously doubt it, and I have heard a few Requiems in my life. and what about the orchestra and what about how you fitted it all into our hall. I hope you make this kind of production once a year. Audience, Blackheath

I feel very privileged to have been able to be part of it all. The addition of the Sing in the Mountains people was really great. Phoenix Choir, Blackheath

I just wanted you to pass on to the Choir a big thank you from me for the opportunity to sing with them on the weekend – also for the hospitality (especially the mulled wine!) and the welcome outsiders received. I had a wonderful weekend and am still flying and warbling away – I can’t seem to stop.  There was quite a substantial presence at least from the Alto section of the Sydney Philharmonia Festival Chorus so it was good to catch up with some singing buddies as well.  Guest Singer, Marrickville

We all enjoyed ourselves and the reason we sing with Phoenix is that it is serious music but a fun / exacting environment is created to learn in!! Phoenix Choir, Blackheath

The weekend and the time leading up to it was very well organised. Thank you for all your hard work and thank you inviting singers from other choirs, like me.  I have a classically trained ear but usually don’t sing in a classical choir. The rehearsal MP4 files were very good and made it possible for me to learn the music. Guest Singer, Blue Mountains