Am I in Choir 1 or Choir 2? Can I perform next to my friends?

There is minimal difference in range between the first choir or the second choir so this is not a question of whether you are, say, a high alto or a low alto. With the online registration you will be asked to select choir 1 or choir 2 or to indicate that you have no preference.  If you have sung one part before then feel free to indicate that as a preference otherwise with no preference we will place you so as to balance the numbers between the two choirs.

We will also ask you to indicate in the online booking whether you are coming with a friend or friends, and we will do our best to keep you together in the same choir.

We aim to let you know quickly so that you know which part you are learning

However we have an overall need to balance the choirs, and there are always practical limitations in any performance space. Also the musical director Rowen Fox has the final say in all aspects of the performance and may wish to place individual singers.  Please cooperate on the day as we have limited time to make arrangements.

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