Can I use my own copy of the score?

Phoenix Choir will be singing from the G Schirmer edition, which is the same as Petrucci and as the score on IMSLP. We recommend that you use that score. We don’t believe that there is major editorial difference with other editions, but that will be at you risk. Centainly we will be referencing page numbers and movement numbers which are the same across Schirmer, Petrucci and IMSLP.

Phoenix choir have printed their own scores of the chorusses we are singing, and we can do another print run if there is demand – $15 for two books – Part 1 and Part 2 in an A4 format for larger print size.

Please ensure that your copy is covered in black for performance (Except Phoenix Choir scores).  You can put it in a black folder or cover in sticky black plastic or black paper.  A simple solution is also to fold a piece of black card around it.

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