Which choruses will we sing?

The original work was performed in three parts. Handel dropped Part1 from subsequent performances.  We will perform the other two parts, which are now commonly known as Part 1 and Part 2.  The Chorus numbers below refer to The Schirmer score (same as Petrucci and available on IMSLP).

This is a list of the Chorusses we will sing:

Part 1 – Exodus (performed completely)

2.  Double Chorus: And the children of Israel sighed
4.  Chorus: The loathed to drink of the river
6.  Double Chorus: He spake the word
7.  Double Chorus: He gave them hailstones
8.  Chorus: He sent a thick darkness
9.  Chorus: He smote all the first-born of Egypt
10. Chorus: But as for his people
11. Chorus: Egypt was glad when they departed
12. Chorus: He rebuked the Red Sea
13. Chorus: He led them through the deep
14. Chorus: But the waters overwhelmed their enemies
15. Chorus: And Israel saw that great work
16. Chorus: And believed the Lord

Part 2 – Moses’ Song (selected chorusses and arias)

17. Double Chorus: Moses and the children of Israel
18. Double Chorus: I will sing unto the Lord
23. Double Chorus: The depths have covered them
24. Double Chorus: Thy right hand, O Lord
27. Chorus: And with the blast of Thy nostrills
30. Double Chorus: Who is like unto thee
33. Double Chorus: The people shall hear
35. Double Chorus: The Lord shall reign
37. Double Chorus: The Lord shall reign
39. Double Chorus: Sing ye to the Lord

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